Monday, March 23, 2009

Midterms and beyond

Heyo, springbreak is over, midterms went well. My computer broke down some days ago and I finally got it reformatted. It's fresh and sparkly(1/2) like new! So here are some Midterm works:

Another Noah's Ark concept for adv. perspective. Took it to a more "finished" look.
But honestly, I just wanted to draw a giant robot. (You may also notice the new banner!)

Another Noah's Ark Concept. Noah's on the bird, gathering and leading some animals the right way with one of his sons.

Another Noah's Ark (yeah, we had to do a lot). The Dragon wants to get on board but Noah's like "No, son!"...

Illustration 2 Midterm project. A portrait in watercolors. I did this as an album cover. (Which I'm also doing for her (A singer in Iceland), but another one). I went and retouched it a bit in Photoshop to make it more sparkly(2/2).

Like some of you know I'm freelancing for On The Rocks Games on the iPhone RPG: Legion of Amon. We've had quite the publicity on the web, try google Legion of Amon and you'll see my horrible speed-paints everywhere. They've posted some concept art on the site so I'll post some here too (since they cropped them awkwardly(?) to fit the iPhone ratio).

How were your springbreaks?


Em said...

Yay! Update from Petur!! I love the big robot thing.. and the new banner!!!11oneone1!11!...

Big robots are awesome to draw.. there's a reason why I draw them all the time lol.

Awesome concept art yoooooo! SHOW MORE!

Steven Wayne Howard said...

awesome work, Petur!
keep up with the digital work- it's starting to improve quickly and quite nicely! Can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

Frábærar myndir, ferskar og spennandi
bíð spennt eftir næstu
kær kv. ma

Anonymous said...

Love the one: Noah says no to the dragon !

Eva Kristjáns said...

damn, those are awesome :| Big robots rule harhar.

and yeah, "horrible" speedpaintings indeed......... ;)

super stuff, keep it coming :)

Pierre said...


C.B. Canga said...

well done as always

Anonymous said...

næææs.. heyrðu já kemuru ekkert heim í sumar eða?
kv dabbibró

anima-base said...

Your artworks are all fabulous.
Look amazing..