Tuesday, February 24, 2009



As promised, my work from Illustration 2 (watercolor) and Clothed Figure 3! Enjoy.

These are my first watercolor paintings since I was like 12. Watercolor can be tricky, but you sort of get hang of it soon. Anyways, our first homework was just daylight vs. indoor light, nothing crazy.

An in-class assignment. We went to the prop room and picked out our object of choice (mine being this old, old camera bag), then we were supposed to paint it, with emphasis on textures. As you can see there's bunch of textures there, but mostly its just a jumbled mess. Looks alright from far away though, haha.

Another in-class assignment. Our next assignment will be a portrait, so we were supposed to practice painting a head. I painted this out of my head. My generic male head, heh.

Alright! Our first watercolor illustration! The assignment was to create a design for a shopping bag for a store. I didn't know which store to do, so I did this for my friends store, Krakk, on Skólavörðustíg back home. It's a store that sells designs by independent artists/designers. Really cool. ( I might be designing something for them in the future).

Alright, here are bunch of my clothed figure drawings from the first few weeks, organized by pose duration:

5 minute drawings

10 minute drawings

15 minute drawings

That's all for now!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sketches and random stuff

Posting some more adv. perspective sketches. First two's theme was Noah's Ark. The second pair was Geisha themed..

Here below is some random stuff:

While I was sketching out the layout for one of the drawings from last post I got frustrated really fast and starting doing stuff like this. Then I got myself together and managed to do something presentable...
I found this while looking through crap on my flash drive. It's a character from my digital imaging class. We were supposed to be designing a cute dinosaur character for a childrens book, and I did this because it was funny. I did the assignment properly afterwards though. Because I'm such a GOOD STUDENT!!11!1

Made a new brush in photoshop, was testing it out...

Another assignment for digital imaging. We were supposed to distort the head, but I took it a little bit further....

Gahh some clothed figure drawings coming up, along with my first watercolor illustration :0 stay tuuuned. Goodnight. (Band plays, credit rolls)

Sunday, February 8, 2009


First homework for Advanced Perspective class. The topic was samurai. These are not finished illustrations, but more compositional sketches...