Friday, February 24, 2012

Mið-Ísland Poster

Hey guys, here is something different. This was a freelance gig for a director in Iceland, Ragnar Hansson, who is directing the new TV series "Middle-Iceland", which is a sketch comedy show.

Here is a link to an Icelandic news site with the trailer for the show (click the "horfa á myndskeið með frétt" button). There's also desktop versions of my poster there that you can download, which I did as well. I prefer the poster though, that's how I originally designed it.

I was given photographs of the actors as all these different characters, so I had to be pretty accurate about capturing their likeness, which is tricky when they're "in character". I usually do a bit more stylized stuff, but this was fun. Painted in photoshop of course. The director added the title, logos and text at the bottom.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lunch doodles

I did this sketch during lunch at work.
This guy was actually looking at the cover of the book the whole time he was eating, but I felt that if my sketch would be of him looking at a closed book that would be kind of silly, so I made the book to be open so now he's reading...

oh I'm a game artist now at a small game studio here in San Fran. Here's a sketch of a girl wearing too large clothing: