Saturday, April 11, 2009

Composition Composition Composition

Yo, some more homework from advanced perspective class

Greek Mythology theme

Our next (and FINAL!) project is five complete illustrations with our own theme. I chose the world from our Boardgame that my friends and I are making. It's a roleplaying-card-Boardgame with lots of action and fun! You can chose from 6 characters, each with specialities. The first part of the assignment was to draw your characters and other concepts around the world, then draw 90 thumbnails(!) from which we will chose 5 to illustrate. Good times.



Em said...


I love da characters! great silhoutte designs there.

Eva Kristjáns said...

<-- ditto on the awesome.
Also, that 90th thumbnail.. lol :|
Advanced Perspective seems like a really fun and challenging class judging from your drawings :)

DPXXX said...

Wow i love ur stuff bro! really inspiring.. I think we both took Joko's perspective class.. i was the dude that drew all the crazy monsters lol.. Anyways, im def. gonna bookmark ur blog, its da shit!

Michelle David said...

hey petur! i LOVE your characters! especially the giant with dreads/tree growth. this game seems awesome =)

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