Sunday, March 16, 2014


What was that? Prints you say? Yes.

For the first time in history I will be selling prints of my work!
Now you can own a piece of me, a piece of my soul, to hang on your wall! Yay!
Framed prints! Canvas prints! International shipping! Wow!

Go visit  and start shopping! 

For now I have just a few pieces up. If you really like a piece of mine but it's not in the store, let me know!

Thanks for the support guys!


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Stasia Snellgrove said...

Hi Petur! I hope the prints are selling well. I saw the pieces up for sale, and I think they're very beautiful. Your work reminds me a lot of Pascal Campion's art. Are you familiar with him? He's one of my favorite painters. Though his and your styles are completely different, I think they'd go great with a work of collaboration. All the best! :)

Stasia Snellgrove @ Albuquerque Image Products