Monday, November 25, 2013

Album Cover

My brother is the drummer in the Icelandic band KALEO.
They just released their first album this November and asked me to design the cover.
They wanted something vintage looking so I suggested this. It's completely different from my illustrative work, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The last image is the cover for the booklet. Icelanders go buy it, available in stores now! If you're interested, you can also buy it online from

Some projects I did earlier this year are being released soon, so look forward to those! I'll let you know!


Chase Standley said...

woah! these looks great man. Love the style you chose

Steven Wayne Howard said...

Great work on this cover, dude!

Unknown said...

Great job for the cover ! Do you know where I can buy this album from Switzerland ? I find it nowhere :) thanks a lot and very good job for the design !