Friday, December 17, 2010


I finally got around to scan the rest of the drawings that I've been doing in my visual development class. I've gathered all of the designs for the project and put it in a presentable form. This semester went by super fast and I hoped I could have done a little bit more with this, but I think I will continue to add some story beats to this, even though the semester is up.

Bluebeard is a gruesome old French fairy tale about a man named Bluebeard who charms young women into marrying him only to murder them in his home. Last semester, for Baby City, I focused more on the story beats and color keys, and I painted the characters. It was a humorous futuristic story with robot babies. So this time I wanted to do something completely different and focus more on drawing and designing everything about this world. The characters, their homes, the town, etc. Since it's a French fairy tale I based the architecture of Alsace where my dad is from in France, and infused some industrial revolution in there. You could say it's steam punk -ish. So there you have it, check it out. Everything drawn with colored drawing pencils.


TREVOR Simonsen said...

damn son!

isabella said...

stop showing off!!!! :P mind blowing stuff as usual!

Will Coyner said...

great man! its cool to see this all together, i forgot just how much you did on it.