Tuesday, February 9, 2010

semester start off

Alright, the semester is off to a good start, I'm looking forward to these in particular: honor's portfolio, visual development and clothed figure 4 (pastel drawing).

The drawing above is my first assignment for honors portfolio, we were given 5 sentences to choose from to illustrate and I chose something like "The shadow that she left behind". It reminded me of a story that happens in 19th century london... Anyway, I have to paint this before next week, yikes!

Below are some of my drawings from start of clothed fig 4.

What are you guys up to anyways?


Tinna Schram said...

þú ert mega sega!

Andrew Mar said...

Jesus it's been one week >_<

zach oldenkamp said...

really great stuff man!

henna said...

klikk, vá