Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Last Illustrations

Hey guys, last week of school! Finals went well and I got some pieces into the Springshow, but I don't know which ones. I submitted a lot...

Here are my last two assignments for Illustration 2: Watercolor. Watercolor is much more diverse than I expected, but I'm not sure I'll be using it much in the future.. we'll see. The theme was a book illustration, both cover and interior. I chose a novel by Jim Butcher called Turn Coat in the Dresden Files series. It's a Mystery-Detective-Urban-Fantasy book, I love it.

This first one is actually our final, but we were running out of time in class so we had to finish this one and the other one at the same time, so I went for a very simple design that I could paint fairly fast :P Here's my process:

Super messy and fast sketches, playing with ideas and composition.

We painted our color rough in class, trying to figure out how my final's gonna look like... I actually like the colors here way better than in my final, I messed up the purple..

And then the final!

This is the interior illustration, a two-page spread, with space for text.

Messy sketches. I picked a passage from the book which reads:

"It screamed again, the sound deeper-chested than before, more resonant. I raised my staff, anger and terror and determination surging down into the wooden tool, and shouted, "Forzare!"

My color rough

And final!

Extra bonus: This is how my final for Adv. Perspective looks like, all the drawings mounted on two big boards for presentation.


Steven Wayne Howard said...

Nice work on the two page spread and Adv. Perspective work. I agree with you on the purple on the final for the cover compared to the rough- but with watercolor that happens some times- it still turned out nice though- good job this semester!

Em said...

yeah. i do agree the cover's rough colours looked alot nicer, but man.. the final fo rthe interior is AWESOMMMEE!!11!!!!

Chris Rahn said...

Great stuff man. I LOVE the robot illustration and all the badass character designs. And I totally recognize most of the models from your figure drawings from my days at the Academy.