Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Here's my finished editorial illustration. 10 3/4 x 8 in, Gouache on Ill. Board. Sorry for bad photo quality, my camera is dying :(

A little in-class exercise I liked. We were exploring a so-called "pull-off" technique. 4 x 6 in, Gouache on Ill. Board.


Em said...

hahaha. duuude! the final is hillarious! *thumbs up*

and the pull off technique seems pretty awesome too. @_@ wonder how you do that.

p.s: shaddup you. you're already awesome at painting.

Chuck Pyle said...

Petur, please submit the New Yorker piece to the SI Student Scholarship Competition and Spring Show. Excellent piece.

Chuck Pyle said...

Petur, make sure that you get a hold of me at school, please!

Pierre said...

yeah, great concept and realization (no surprise there..)

Eva Kristjáns said...

Hahahaha that editorial is priceless XD

Angeline said...

Haha love the editorial.

Your in class exercise thing is awesome.