Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some more in class work...

Oil on Canvas board, 8 hours.

Black & white Charcoal on Toned paper, 1h20m

Black & white Charcoal on Toned paper, 1h40m

Nupastel on Newsprint, 1 hour.

Nupastel on Newsprint, 20 min.


Pierre said...

1. that painting looks amazing.

2. I eats your brains next monday.

Angeline said...

Those drawings are amazing. I love the colors in the figure painting.

And yes prepare to get your brains eaten on Monday.

Em said...

HOHOHO! I wanna eat Petur's brains too can I can I can I? I want to take his right lobe prease.

P.S: like everyone else said. These are awesome. Where's the plein air painting from last week man?