Monday, October 6, 2008

Captain Fish

Alright guys, it's time for my first Illustration from my Illustration 1 class. The Assignment was a person in a room drawn in pen and ink, and I had to use a fish. So I came up with Captain Fish. He's a pirate-alchemist searching the seven corners of the earth for the Fish of Immortality. His last name is also Fish, haven't figured out his first name yet.

Anyways, for those interested I'm posting progress shots so you can learn too! :D

First I did thumbnails for the composition, but I don't have them at the moment. Then I sketched out the drawing with pencil on Smooth Bristol paper, with as much details as possible so it would be easier to ink.

Here I'm starting to ink it. I'm inking with a crowquill and real ink!

After I do all the outlines I pick up my other pens and start doing textures and even finer details.

When all the inking is complete I take some water and put little bit of ink in it, that will create a sort of grey wash that I can paint over areas I want darker. I used it to push the background further away so the figure is more of a focal point. I also did fiffed up some stuff with the wash too... And before you know it you're done!

Below is the final:


Kelly said...

Heeeeeeeeeeey...isn't that the guy from your first clothed fig project???

Matthew Robertson said...

Awesome! Great description of your process. Like the effect that the wash had on the piece. Well done.

Ma said...

Mjög flott mynd, mikil vinna án efa í öllum þessum smáatriðum...algjör snilld :)

Emerson said...

Awesome piece Petur! I love his expression. Somehow I like the photos better than the scan. They have this cool brownish look to them. Haha. Captain Fish is awesome and you really should do more for this story.

Eva Kristjáns said...

nice! :O
the story behind it makes it all the more interesting too =)

The_Geeks said...

This looks like a pro at work!

kristo said...

Þessar myndir eru æðislegar, wow hvað ég væri til í að fara í ævintýraferð með kaptein Fisk

Guð blessi þig vinur

Daniel said...

awsome man. er að fíla að sjá svona work in progress hjá þér. Hef alltaf fílað svona myndir með miklu detail. magnað stuff mar. :)

Kveðja úr kreppunni eða eins og maður segir á ensku. Greeting from the crap :)