Thursday, September 18, 2008


My second figure painting, better than my first one I think. It's a learning progress. Then a sketch of my brothers daughter, awww...


Brandon T Pike said...

Hey Petur, looks great man! Your paintings are awesome, I also love the guy riding the hovercycle or what not. Great work man!! -Brandon

Emerson said...

Definitely an improvement in your second piece dude. Loved it! Can't wait to see what you're gonna cook up tomorrow. See you at class.

P.S: you have a baby brother?? @_@

Emerson said... wrongly..>__< dont mind my moment of stupidity..

Anonymous said...

sæll bróðir hvað segiru?
Það eru billjón íslendingar í Redding California, 3klst suður frá sanfran, í bibliuskóla,
heims yfirráð ahahahahahaa