Friday, October 19, 2007


So I got my hands on the infamous program "Painter". For those who don't know, you can paint and draw with almost every medium known, reproducing the hands-on experience with a computer. Everything from charcoal to oils. Pretty neat. Here's a quick one I did with Oils. It's an old guy playing the harmonica.


Dabbi bro.. said...

ó pétur þú ert svo awsom, ég vil vera þú!þú ert bara svo sexy og sætur,
anyways þá er ég að fara til the us and a í des, þannig að ég verð úti þegar þú verður heima og svo öfugt,eg er að fara til colorado springs...
see you bro

Anonymous said...

oje..i know that program i have a similar one in my computer, it's called Paint, you can use a brush, pencil and a spray can and everything. it's cool
I also like word and powerpoint. i like making my own slideshow..

demhar said...

Nice work Peter! I like the brave colors. Don't let the academy traditional color scheme put you down. Be brave and stick with the style that you believe in.